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caring for children through tragedy is a community effort

Our community experienced a tragic blow.  Yesterday, as elementary school students were boarding buses at the end of the day, a bus jumped a curb, killing the principal and seriously injuring two students.  The reasons for the accident are still unclear. The loss is real.  The injury is real.  The grief is real.  The trauma is real. The reaction is immediate.  And it is lasting. There is no easy path.  There is a way forward. We pray for the family of Susan Jordan – the principal who was killed, for the two injured students and their families, for the children who were present, for faculty, staff and administration and for parents as they seek to guide their children through this experience. Merciful God, you give us the grace that helps in time of need.  Surround each person effected by this tragedy and lighten the burden of this time.  By the power of your Spirit, free each of us from distress.  Give a new mind and heart that we may live each day in your peace, a support to one another.  Amen. All schools in Lawrence Township are closed today.  I can only imagine the challenges faced by those who must find a way to address the grief of so many, plus carry on with education and care of children and faculty. Here is a sheet that describes responses of school-aged children to grief and trauma.  It gives clear examples of how to respond and what to say. As grief unfolds in a non-linear pattern, that would be good to return to in the months ahead.  Here it is in...

Running on empty. Coming back full.

Our stories of emptiness deserve to be told and heard in all of their dismal, fretful, human detail. They help explain who we are, where we’ve been, why we feel and act the way we do. The turning points in our tales of emptiness arrive when we answer the questions of loyalty.

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What's Happening at Faith

teaching children to enjoy giving

40acts Together provides families with a printable resource that help parents guide their families through a generous Lent.  You can download and print a Family Wall Chart with 40acts for 40 days.  Or stop by the church and pick up a copy. The theme for the resources is ‘Jesus at our table’. Jesus ate with sinners and with church leaders; he ate with thousands and with a child. He invited everyone in and accepted all invitations. Table fellowship meant friendship, peace, acceptance and unconditional love: community. Join us for a simple soup and bread supper on the first day of lent, February 10, Ash Wednesday.  The meal is at 6:15.  A service with the imposition of ashes begins at 7.  ... read more

do lent generously

What if Lent could be more than just giving stuff up? What if it could remind us that we’re here, alive and able to make a generous difference to the world around us? During Lent 2016, join Faith in worship and practice to Clear the Clutter to make room for generosity. 40 days of lent. (Sundays are celebrations!) 40 reflections. 40 simple acts of generosity. Wednesday February 10 to Saturday March 26. Join us beginning for a simple supper of soup and bread on Ash Wednesday to begin the journey.  Join us on Sundays as we listen to Jesus encourage us to Clear the Clutter and make room for love.  Join the 40 acts challenge to take part in forty daily generous acts. Any combination and level of commitment is welcome. Sign up at www.40acts.org.uk. We will be sharing resources for families with children in the coming... read more

In Touch Bereavement Services

Special event A picture expresses a thousand words: A grief and loss three-part photography series Individuals and families will come together to explore the power in photography as a means of overcoming the limitations of language. Faith Presbyterian Church, 8170 Hague Road, Indianapolis Thursdays, 6:30 to 8 p.m. February 25, March 3 and March 10, 2016 Please register by February 19 to ensure we have supplies. Call 800-777-7775 to register or our bereavement line at 317-621-4646 for... read more

and Yourself…Take the Morning Off

Saturday, February 13, from 9:00 to 11:00 AM, please come and indulge yourself in a morning of refreshment and renewal, as we share breakfast, fellowship and devotion time together.  Fun opportunities for a facial, creative craft and more, plus Pastor Charlotte will lead us in some gentle yoga breathing and movements!  Please call the church office at 849-1930 or email cconners@faithpcindy.org if you would like to... read more

Ash Wednesday Service

At Faith, we will begin our services, with a shared soup and bread meal in the narthex and then move into the sanctuary for prayer, confession, the call to observe Lenten disciplines and the optional imposition of ashes.  The meal begins at 6:15PM and the service at 7PM on February... read more

Easter Egg Hunt

Join us for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt on March 26, 2016.  Enjoy a gift to the children of the community and our church – an opportunity for fun, celebrating new life. Bring your own basket, if you can.  Rain or Shine. read more