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Join the Gratitude Challenge

Being thankful is the foundation of our spiritual lives.  We have so much to say to God, but – like any relationship – we need to express our gratitude, first and always. Being grateful keeps us aware of what we have received, helps us be content with what we have and deepens the relationship with the Giver of all gifts.  Plus, it just feels good. November is a time for thanksgiving.  In one month, we can develop the habit of gratitude.  Here are possibilities to try for 30 days: Write down three things – large or small – you are thankful for each day Post one thing you are thankful for on your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram Use an app to record your gratitude with words and photos. Try gratitude365free Try using the Gratitude Challenge calendar.  It has a prompt for each day of November.  You might join in sharing your gratitude on Faith’s Facebook page with words and/or photos. By the way, research shows that practicing gratitude has enormous positive effects on mental and even physical health.  Noticing good is actually good for us!  Thanks be to God, for this and all good...

Welcome to Faith Presbyterian Church

Faith Presbyterian Church…

…is a welcoming congregation.  We gather to worship God, learn about Jesus Christ and serve through the Holy Spirit.  We support one another through the laughter and tears of life.  We cultivate faithful relationships that offer peace and purpose in our daily lives.

People who participate in our church come with different experiences and backgrounds. Whether you are a lifelong Presbyterian or aren’t sure how a worship service works, you are welcome at Faith.

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…you can learn about our church.  There is information about what we believe, the services we offer, how we connect and care and how to visit.

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…to knowing its neighbors.  Whether you live just around the corner or are coming from miles away, we would welcome the chance to meet you.

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8170 Hague Road
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What's Happening at Faith

Advent Labyrinth

For the second year, Faith is offering a labyrinth during Advent. The powerful experience of walking a labyrinth is a simple and accessible way to expand your worship, during a busy season. A labyrinth is a single path that is easy to follow. There are no tricks or dead-ends, as with a maze. Walking the labyrinth is a wonderful meditation for practicing mindfulness and bringing your awareness into the present moment. Join us Sunday, December 4, at 6 PM, to experience the Advent Labyrinth with candlelight and Pat Rozeboom’s music at the keyboard.  Those who attended last year found it spiritually rewarding and a beautiful moment of worship. This year, we are experimenting with a more traditional labyrinth path, rather than the spiral of last year.  We are also opening the Advent Labyrinth up to the community.  That’s one reason we are using the more familiar terminology of “labyrinth” rather than “garden.” The church will be open for anyone who would like to walk the Advent Labyrinth on Monday and Tuesday, December 5 and 6, 12-2PM and 5-9PM.  Of course, you are invited to return or walk the labyrinth for the first time, during these times.  Electronic music and lights will be available. A labyrinth is a single path that you follow, there are no tricks or dead-ends as with a maze. It is not a contest or competition, there is no time limit or need to race though. In fact, one of the purposes of a Labyrinth is to help us slow down. Labyrinths can be contemplative, meditative, and even healing in their nature.  Mentally, they can aid... read more

5PM Christmas Eve Service

Our Christmas Eve for Families with Small Children is at 5PM.  It’s a short, no stress, no rehearsal, voluntary participation Christmas pageant.  We will be using a fresh script of the Christmas story, but will continue the tradition of invited worshippers – young and old – to don costumes and be part of the story.  This year, we even open the positions of Mary, Joseph and the magi.  It’s a lot of fun.  It’s deeply meaningful.  It doesn’t last too long.  And there is a hot cocoa bar... read more

7PM Christmas Eve Service

Dawn on Christmas Eve will be at 7PM this year.  This service will include a special Time with Children.   This joyful service is filled with music by the Dawn band, with contemporary music and familiar carols.  We hear the good news of the unexpected incarnation of the love of God.  We end by passing the light from candle to candle, surrounding the sanctuary in prayer, song and... read more

11PM Christmas Eve Service

Candlelight Communion Service begins a 11PM.  Our choir and organ will lead us in music and song.  We share the good news that our God is not contained by our expectations, but was born among us, exploding every expectation. We come to the table of this Lord of heaven and earth.  We pass the light from hand to hand and emerge into the narthex to usher in Christmas Day.  We are ready to go into the world with the light of Jesus... read more

Christmas Day Service

Faith doesn’t usually worship on Christmas Day, but this year we just can’t help ourselves!  Christmas Day is Sunday! Our single service on December 25 will be at 10AM.  What a wonderful time to sing more of the Christmas story, glory in the wonder of angels and shepherds and an awe-struck mother! Kim Swaffield will present the Godly Play Christmas Story for the whole congregation.  This presentation helps us connect the callings of the Old Testament prophets to the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in Bethlehem. Pat Rozeboom will lead our singing and offer special music. Come as you are.  Pajamas, robes, new sweaters, cooking aprons….all are welcome.  Children may bring one gift that they would like the congregation to see.  No childcare will be provided. Pastor Charlotte will be baking ahead to provide a special fellowship... read more

3b Exercise Class

3b (body, brain, belief) exercise class for 55 and over takes place on Wednesdays at 10AM.  This class focuses on: building flexibility, strength and balance; challenges to increase memory and problem solving skills as new brain cells grow; and time to recall beloved scriptures with devotionals and “scripture in motion.”  The class will be held in the narthex at the church.  “The more active you are, and it doesn’t matter when you start, the more benefit you are going to have.”  Contact the church office for more information at 849-1930 or email cconners@faithpcindy.org.  The class is free to... read more