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postcards from sabbatical – week 11

Dear Faith Friends, Trail Ridge Road runs straight through Rocky Mountain National Park.  It gets you high and it gets you high quickly.  Before you even reach the Continental Divide a sign tells you that you are two miles above sea level.  You haven’t gotten out of the car and you are already out of breath. Trail Ridge Road will take you even higher.  You can walk straight out of your car onto Alpine Tundra.  They say that driving the three hours from the high plains of Colorado to the top of Trail Ridge Road is like driving from Mexico to the Arctic Circle.  The tundra is a desert, where – despite large snow falls – only small amounts of moisture seep into the ground.  Plants and animals have evolved and adapted to the treacherous temperatures and wind speeds.  It has made flora and fauna creative, hardy and fragile.  A plant may bloom only once a decade.  Animals have about two months to gather food or get off the mountain. The air is thin.  I must hike slowly.  I must take my time.  I must be prepared with water, nourishment and adequate safety measures. I must watch ever step over boulders and stones, across tender plants. I am rewarded.  With astounding views.  With animals who are as curious about me as I am of them.  With delicate plants in bloom.  With bright sunshine. With enormous billowing clouds.  With occasional friendly human companions.  With the presence of God.  With time in God’s time. This is truly a thin place for me. My soul is being restored in places I did not...

Pastor Schwarz Response to Charlottesville, VA

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia a week ago serve to illustrate that the Church of Jesus Christ has a long way to go in proclaiming the justice and love of our Lord. Once again we have seen the ugly head of hatred and racism raise about the words and actions of welcome and inclusion.

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What's Happening at Faith

Worship Series “In This Together”

Our series on the Psalms ends on Sunday, August 6, and we will return to the writings of Paul. Earlier in the summer we spent time with a number of different letters written by this apostle.

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Faith is walking into blessing with courage.

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Biggest Loser

The fourth round of Faith’s Biggest Loser will begin on July 30 and finish on September 24.  If you have gone to a few too many cookouts or vacationed a bit too much, we would love to have you join us!  For more information please contact Marcia Klopp at marciaklopp@myninestar.net or call to Cindy in the office at 317-849-1930.  You could win the $100... read more