40 acts has been a bit easier the last few days.  We already have decided on a new charity to support for 2017, I wrote a note to my boss, thanking her for her support and leadership for the church, and I gave away chocolate!

We do this as a church – we stand along a local street and hand out small chocolate bars to cars as they stop for the red light.  Last year it worked quite well, and we made lots of people happy as they headed home from work.

The other day it was chocolate giveaway day on # 40 Acts, and I decided to try it myself.

I was in Dollar Tree and saw Hershey bars on the rack as I was checking out, so I bought 4 of them.  After I paid, I took one of the bars and asked the cashier if she liked chocolate.  She said she did, so I offered her one of the bars.  She said no, but I persisted and she finally took it.

Then I offered one to the person in line behind me, and she laughingly took it.  So did the lady in line behind her.  (That’s all there were in line.)  You could see and feel the positive effects in their smiling faces.

The cashier said, “you are a kind man!”  I told them about 40 Acts and generosity and I left the store.

Just as the door closed behind me, I heard one of the women say:  “He really is a kind man”

I was tempted to eat the 4th bar, but I was visiting someone, so I took it to him.  As I walked in, I asked him if he liked chocolate.  He smiled and said “yes”, so I handed him the Hershey bar.  He smiled and thanked me.  It lightened the atmosphere in the room.

Why would chocolate have this effect on people?  Was it the chocolate, or the act of giving it freely away?

Generosity is good!