You never know when an opportunity to be generous will present itself.

The 3 PM Magic Kingdom parade was about to start, and we found great a great viewing place where we could sit on a wall and have an unobstructed view of Mickey and all his friends.  Sitting next to us was a couple with a cute two or three-year-old little girl.  Her father spoke to her in broken English and what sounded like Italian as the little girl eagerly awaited the parade.  Her mother had walked away a few minutes earlier and came back and said, to the little girl: “sorry, they only take cash.”

The little girl was crestfallen.  I asked what she wanted, and she said a Little Mermaid Bubble Machine that was being sold from a cart across the street from where we were sitting.

I decided to be generous and got up, walked across to the cart, and bought a Little Mermaid Bubble Machine for the little girl.  I told the family that this was our gift to them.  The little girl was thrilled and came and gave me a big hug.  The father shook my hand and said thanks.

The parade began and when the Mermaid float came by, the character noticed the bubble machine in the little girl’s hand and gave her an excited smile!

Just a small random act of generosity.