Did you know that you can really get something for nothing and then give it away?  What a wonderful idea!  Have you ever checked out the many rebates and freebies available?

ACT 2:1 involves getting something for nothing and sharing it.  You know the Buy-One-Get-One (BOGO) or “FREE ITEM” promotions that stores often have.  We have a friend in our exercise class who always downloads the weekly coupon for a free item from Kroger.  She then brings it to the church where our class meets and drops it off in the food pantry box.

I got involved in the rebate program at Menards.  After a friend told me about how her father always had bags of goodies for the kids at Christmas,  I decided to take advantage of the wonderful deals available at our local Menards store.

It works like priming a pump.  First, you buy an item (or several), then send in the rebate forms.  You receive a rebate check good only at Menards, then use the check to buy more rebate qualifying items.

Using the Menards rebate plan, I buy items like paint brushes or cleaning cloths or drill bits that have rebates, send in the rebate forms, and then use the rebate $$ to buy more items that have rebates.  Sometimes I get 100% back, other times only 60% – 70%.

I haven’t been doing this very long, but I already have a fairly large stock of stuff I plan to give away.  There are tools and paint brushes and gloves and “whatever.”

Using another rebate plan, I have taken advantage of office supply store rebates to save many $$ on copy paper for an organization I support.

I am certain that there are many other opportunities for “savings” and giveaways that I need to be on the lookout for.

How about you?