This is the third year I have done 40acts and each year, around now, I feel overwhelmed.  I am deeply moved – internally and externally – by 40acts.  But, it can be overwhelming.

I find it hard to keep up.  Even the simple green ideas are hard to plan on some days. Other days, I think I would do a yellow or red idea if I had time to figure out what I felt called to do and when to do it.

Each year, I think, “I kind of wish we only had one act a week. I could manage to be generous then.” That makes me feel thoroughly ungenerous.

During my sermon last Sunday, I offered ideas to live as a person freed by our encounter with Jesus.  One of my suggestions was to work through 40 acts again when the 40 days of Lent are over.

I guess I was preaching to myself.

I am going to work my way back through this year’s 40 acts, one week at a time when Lent is over.

I’ll tell you my system, so I will commit to it:  put each act into Evernote and set a reminder date.

There are 42 weeks between Easter 2017 and Ash Wednesday 2018.  I think I will take the last week of the year and the week before Lent out of rotation. I’ll just move through the acts in the order they appeared.

The upside: It makes me smile to think of the places and seasons I will get to try out generosity. (I wonder where I will be for #chocolatetuesday.)

The downside: I am going to have to come back to that Act 19: Being on time.