Act 32 encouraged us to be generous with our forgiveness.

I thought of the terrible things I have heard of Christians finding the peace to forgive.  I remembered injustices that have injured me that I have been able to release.

Then, I looked through my heart for where I was holding a grudge.  Where was I angry?  Where was I hurt and blaming someone?  Who did I think had behaved in ways that were unfair, unjust or unkind?

All those answers lead back to one person: me.

I think this is a common dilemma.  We hold on to our own wrongdoings.

We confess our sins on Sunday and receive the assurance that we are forgiven by God.

But, we judge ourselves and withhold forgiveness.

It’s a pretty effective way to keep God from being Lord of our life.   We aren’t supposed to put ourselves in the position of judging what God forgives.

God generously forgives us.  Even me.

If we lay a lavish layer of that divine forgiveness on our own soul, we just might find it easier to forgive someone else.