Our pastor, Charlotte Lohrenz, has been at Faith Presbyterian Church for seven years and has the opportunity to take a sabbatical – a time away from the work of the church for rest, study and renewal.
The theme of her sabbatical is Walking into Blessing.
Faith has been exploring the courage it takes to walk into the blessings of unfamiliar places and meet those who have been strangers to us.  We received a grant from the Center for Pastoral Renewal to support our pastor, her family, and the congregation as we explore the themes of: going where we are uncomfortable, speaking with those we don’t know, courage, and being at home on the journey with Jesus. The sabbatical time, when Charlotte will be away from the church May 22 through September 4, including 15 Sundays.
The Clergy Renewal Grant expects the pastor to find a balance between travel and home, relaxation and focus, family and solitude.  Charlotte’s plans include six weeks in Greece with her daughters, a gathering with her husband’s family children and grandchildren, time at the family’s cabin in Colorado, a month at home and work on Courage & Renewal programming.  Throughout the sabbatical, there will be a lot of walking, walking, hiking and more walking.
Galen Schwarz will serve as Supply Pastor during Charlotte’s sabbatical.  Galen is a member of Whitewater Valley Presbytery and served as the associate pastor of Irvington Presbyterian Church for more than two decades.  Since retirement from that position, Galen has served two churches as a short-term supply pastor.
Keep an eye out for the opportunities to walk with courage into blessing – right here in Indianapolis – find where Flat Jesus has gotten to with Charlotte and church worshippers and look for postcards from the journey.

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