It is a beautiful morning in Fishers, Indiana; the clocks are set ahead, and a new day is dawning, a day of freedom in Christ!. Have you ever thought of how our faith sets us free; not just from the bondage of sin, but free to live our lives? I remember back in December 1988 when I found that I was going to be medically discharged from the Navy due to heart problems. I had just extended my tour at Naval Avionics for three more years when they told me that my 24-year Navy career would be over in thirty days. It felt like I was being bound by chains and hauled out to the garbage dump!
However, through our faith in Christ and many prayers for us and by us, Pat and I were able to remain calm and face the challenge of finding a new job on short notice. It could have been a devastating experience; instead we felt the freedom that only the peace of Christ can bring into our lives. See you in church, PJ.