One of the first assignments God gave to the people was to be caretakers of all creation. When we speak caring for God’s world, we will include the environment, our talents, and finances. Rarely do we include being caretakers of our bodies and our health. We overlook that one of the most precious gifts we are to care for us is our health.
3B (body, brain, belief) exercise class for 55 and over takes place on Thursday at 1PM. This class focuses on building flexibility, strength, and balance. This exercise class increases memory and problem-solving skills through movement. During the class, there is time to recall beloved scriptures with devotionals and “scripture in motion.” The benefits of being active not only help the body but also our spirits and our cognition. This class is led in a supportive group setting reminding us that we do not have to journey to health and wholeness alone.
The bioethicist Abigail Rian Evans notes that in biblical Hebrew and Greek the words for health and salvation are identical. Evans says that health – like salvation – is not an individual achievement, but a community responsibility. It is why the 3B exercise class for people 55 and older is an important ministry at Faith. It promotes one way that people can be stewards of the health and bodies God has gifted to us.
The class is free to attend. All are welcome. Let us be caretakers of all the gifts God has given to us.