I know it is not anywhere near Thanksgiving, yet the subject of giving thanks is on my mind.

Actually I began to think about it when we had Father’s Day at my daughter’s house last week.  Our granddaughter graduated from Noblesville High School earlier this month, and received many presents.  As a good granddaughter should do, she prepared thank you cards for the gifts she received.  We had given her two photo books that I made on SHUTTERFLY; one was a picture book of each year until she was sixteen; the second was a picture book made up of pictures of her 2017 prom.  We also hinted that there was another present to come.

After Father’s day dinner while we were all sitting around the table on the deck, it was time for Father’s Day gifts.  Several cards and packages came my way, and I opened them and found a Starbucks Card and a polo shirt from Taylor University (where she will be starting in the fall) and hand-made cards from the three grandchildren.  There also was one small envelope that I opened.  The front of the printed card said “THANKS”.  I opened it, and in her handwriting read aloud:

Grandma and Grandpa,

Thank you for the books and

She immediately said:  “Grandpa, you weren’t supposed to get that yet!”

We all laughed, and she took the note back, and it wasn’t mentioned again.

Only later did I start thinking about that card and giving thanks, and I thought that she knew that Grandpa and Grandma were going to come through with another gift as promised.  She had confidence and faith in us; after all, we had never let her down whether it was picking her up after soccer practice or showing up at a piano recital or jazz concert.

Then I thought this is how we relate to God.  We give God thanks for what we have already received, and we give God thanks for what God has promised in the future.   After all, God has never let us down!