In the face of natural disasters, violence, or grinding poverty, hygiene kits can mean the difference between sickness and health for struggling families.

At two orphanages in Sierra Leone, CWS hygiene kits have made it possible for 78 kids to have an easier, more pleasant morning routine. These children get to roll out of bed excited to go to school because you get to use your new toothbrush and towel.

Feeling clean, confident and focused when sitting in class because of a washcloth, kids are able to study diligently knowing they are prepared for a new day.

These children get a warm feeling when they walk back to their room and see their kit swinging back and forth. They have no idea who sent them these materials, but they know that some people care for them enough to send them this kit. Without knowing who they were, people showed that these children mattered and were important by sending a hygiene kit.

This experience is happening all around the world as Church World Service delivers these kits to people in need. When we offer these gifts, we bring light into the world. We offer a small light in the midst of suffering individuals darkness. This small gift can help people feel less overwhelmed and experience a moment of hope during the chaos they experience daily.

Your contributions do make a difference! If you are interested in offering the gift of a hygiene kit, you can go to this link to discover what items will need to be purchased:

Thank you for bringing light into the midst of dark places around the world! Thank you for being a light in the world!