In the face of natural disasters, violence, or grinding poverty, school kits provide the necessary resources to help children learn.

At two orphanages in Sierra Leone, CWS school kits have made it possible for 78 kids to get an education. These children wanted to go to school every day. School kits provided the children with a way for them to take notes, write down lesson plans and homework assignments. When we make a donation of a school kit, we provide the opportunity for a child to learn and make an impact in their world.

Children around the world experience a glimmer of hope as Church World Service delivers school kits to kids who enthusiastically want to learn. When we offer these gifts, we bring light into the world. We offer a small light in the midst of suffering individuals darkness. This small gift can help people feel less overwhelmed and experience a moment of hope during the chaos they experience daily.

Your contributions do make a difference! If you are interested in offering the gift of a school kit, you can go to this link to discover what items will need to be purchased:

Thank you for bringing light into the midst of dark places around the world! Thank you for being a light in the world!