This is the 200th anniversary of the song Silent Night, Holy Night.  The organ of the church was broken and in the midst of this small emergency a simple melody was written.  It has become one of the most well-known and loved song of Christmas.  Its meaning moves the faithful, to those who only come to church once a year, and those who have never gathered in a congregation.  Its calm presentation of new and divine life born among us touches all of us.  So much is broken in our world now.  So many places of trust have failed us.  We bounce from one small – or large – emergency to another.  We long to see again the Son of God, love’s pure light.  By God’s redeeming grace, we are resourceful people. With the voices and instruments we have, we can be a message of peace and joy. 

Our worship series invites the promise of Silent Night, Holy Night guide our lives all year long. With the angels let us sing.