I have to admit that #40acts is a challenge.  Every day there is something new to think about, and many, if not all of the Acts require changes in thinking or acting, and that’s not always easy.

Day 1 got me praying for guidance on how to live a “generous life”.

On Day 2 I made plans to keep a blanket and some $ 1 dollar bills in my car.

Day 3 was all about helping or doing something in our community.  Faith is doing that as well.  I am still thinking about who and where to give “extra” support.

On Day 4 I enjoyed an electronic-free day, interacting with several old and new friends at Faith’s spring congregational retreat.

On Day 5 I realized that I know someone in prison, and I have blocked calls from the jail where he is awaiting trial because he is asking for money.  I have added him to my daily prayer list, and I have contacted his sister see if I can do anything.

Day 6 made me actively concentrate on what others were saying.  I found that it worked really well.

Day 7 made me conscious of differences in the backgrounds and ages of people I encounter.  There are things I can do when I am with them.  Whether it be in exercise class passing a ball back and forth with an 86 year old or making goo-goo eyes with an eight-month-old as I talked to her mother in line at COSTCO, I can offer a smile, a compliment, or a kind word to anyone.  Actually getting involved with someone from a different religious culture or ethnic culture may take a long time, but I am going to look for opportunities.

-John Paulson