Our new website is live.  It’s for those who are new to Faith, new to the area, new to Jesus Christ or new to our denomination, Presbyterian Church (USA).  It’s, also, for members and friends of Faith.  Take a look around (www.indianapolisfiaith.org) and tell us what you think.  Here are five things to know and one question to get you started.

5. Our website was designed by Richard Armada, who created many of the photographs.  We are building a library of images that are native to our congregation for use in worship and publications.  You can see more of Richard’s work at Naked Eye Graphic Design.

4.  The first goal for our website is to accurately portray Faith Presbyterian Church.  We want people who are new to Indianapolis, or searching      for a church to explore if Faith is where they can grow and serve.  The website is a place to learn how Faith supports families with young children and youth, provides programming for older people and is enthusiastic to welcome singles, couples and families in their middle years.  A place to understand our theology and what we are doing in the community.  It’s a place to know what we are not; we are not a little church or a megachurch, not a church where you have to believe a certain set of statements to belong, not a church that says you are welcome only if you look or act like the rest of us.

3.  Staff received training to help us maximize our web presence.  I admit: I am confused.  I love the Church of Jesus Christ and am all for using every current method to communicate.  But, the way links, downloads and search engines should relate to each other is still a maze for me.  Be patient with me.  Here’s a first attempt: this is a wonderful meditation on the gift of Thanksgiving with all its stress and grace: Don’t (Just) Say Grace

2.  Our plan is to keep the site fresh and changing.  There is always something new at Faith – an opportunity to around Indianapolis, a special worship service or a community event.   Cindy Conners, office administrator, will make updates regularly.  Other staff will be sharing insights, thoughts and ask for your thoughts.

1.  There are some things you still can’t get from the website.   You can’t hear our dynamic band and Presbyterians learning how to loosened up and clap on 2-4. You can’t hear the power of our pipe organ.  You can’t see how glad people are to be together or witness children feeling welcome in their second home.  You can’t sense the energy of people bringing in food, gifts and clothes for those who have less.  You can’t know the lives that are changed by Faith.  You have to show up.

So here is a question for those of you who know Faith: What is a gift of Faith Presbyterian Church that you don’t see on the website?  And is it something that we could show or do you have to show up to experience it?