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Life Stages

In all the stages…

…of our life, we belong to God!  But, different times in our life have different needs, joys and challenges.  At Faith, we want to provide the faith development and fellowship that is appropriate for each stage of life.

Some of our offerings are specific to a certain age or life situation.  Others are a chance to learn with a broad range people.  Click through to see what might fit your needs.


Infants and Toddlers...

…feel safe and loved in the nursery.

Infant baptism We baptize infants, because we know that God comes to us, before we are ready to respond to God.  A member of Faith may present an infant or child for the Sacrament of Baptism.  The adult believer reaffirms their baptismal covenant and promises, with the help of the congregation, to raise the child to know and worship Jesus Christ.


Preschool children...

are embraced by God’s love and discover Jesus through story and interactive activities.

Once a year, the congregation gives Bibles to children who are two years old.  The most recent Bible given to these children is The Rhyme Time Storybook Bible for Toddlers.


Elementary children...

…learn to trust God and follow The Lord while exploring the foundations of faith.

Each fall, third grade children are given a Bible.  The most recent Bible given to these children is The Rhyme Time Bible.


  • Middle School Youth begin to personalize their faith and articulate what they believe about God, Jesus, the Bible, prayer, and their spiritual life.
  • High School Youth are encouraged to pursue their faith as a guide in life, make faith a priority, grow in a personal relationship with God and live out their faith through service.
  • Youth group is offered on Sunday evenings for Middle School and High School Youth.  Youth group generally involves dinner cooked by families of youth.  From time to time, the youth group will have off-site events such as bowling, mini golf, and mission projects.
  • Youth in seventh and eighth grades are invited to take part in the Confirmation & Commissioning class.  Through this class, we hope that confirmands will be able to understand these five tenants of reformed faith that are central to our congregation’s identity:

–Lordship of Jesus Christ
–Salvation through grace alone
–The stewardship of all gifts
–Life in covenant community
–Our participation in bringing the kingdom of God to earth

Youth will be taught spiritual disciplines appropriate to their age group and those they can continue to use throughout their lives.  Youth will be taught how to read and interpret scripture in the reformed tradition.

Each fall, Faith high school youth attend a retreat at Camp Pyoca with Youth LYNC, a group of youth from all over our presbytery.  Each spring, Faith middle school youth go on a similar retreat.  In the summer, youth are invited to participate in mission trips or attend youth conferences such as Massanetta Springs Middle School Conference and Montreat (high school) Youth Conference.  Although regular youth group does not continue through the summer, youth are encouraged to participate in monthly fellowship events.


Adults are...

…lifelong learners, continuing to grow in Christian maturity and trusting in God’s presence and promises through life’s transitions.

  • Searchers & Seekers Sunday School class uses varied studies throughout the year ranging from historical views of the Bible to background of Biblical figures to examining and comparing the viewpoints of both creationists and evolutionists.
  • Bible Discovery class has most recently been studying commentaries and reading the scriptures that are being interpreted.  The class generally chooses a commentary and reads through it from beginning to end over the course of a number of months.
  • Adult Elective Class changes studies about every four to six weeks.  While all adult Sunday School classes are “come when you can,” this class may appear as the one in which it is easiest to do so.  Previous studies have included watching and discussing the theology found in episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, Lent and Advent studies, and a life stages class including topics such as work place ethics, going green, and finding God in daily living.
  • The Wednesday morning study runs in periods of ten to twelve weeks from 10:00 AM until approximately 11:30.  Recent studies have been video-based, facilitated by Dr. Ken Bailey, a middle eastern New Testament Scholar.  Topics have included the Lord’s Prayer and the birth of Jesus.
  • A group of women come together monthly for Women’s Circle.  Their time together includes dessert and a study, often the annual study put out by the Presbyterian Women.

Small groups meet in homes of members on various days of the week and participate in a study chosen by the members of that particular group.  Those interested in joining a small group should contact the church and will be connected with those who are currently open to additional members.

Families with Small Children

Families with small children...

…gather on a regular basis at Faith.  Summer opportunities include monthly fellowship gatherings at Fro Yo, the Hamilton Town Center IMAX for $1 movies, and a water party scheduled for late summer.

Family Movie Night is a free event that takes place quarterly in the Faith Fellowship Hall.  Families are invited to bring blankets and camping chairs to set up in front of the big screen.  Popcorn and movie-related activities for children are provided.

Families with Small Children
College Students


College Students

College students...

…are an important part of the Faith family. They receive a care package each fall filled with popcorn, granola bars, and sometimes even play dough!


Let’s Go Seniors...

…heads out every third Wednesday every month except July.  The group usually meets at the church and travels together to a site of interest and lunch.  Reservations are needed for each event.  Sign up at the information board in the Narthex or contact the church office at 317-849-1930 or


Jesus taught us…

…to pray and encouraged us to pray with persistence.  In prayer, we open our heart, mind and life to God’s presence.  Sometimes that happens with words.  Sometimes with music or art.  Sometimes with movement or in silence.  We both speak and listen.

At Faith, we offer a number of places to pray, to learn about prayer and to receive the gift of prayer.

  • Prayer concerns are shared with the congregation during Sunday worship.  To include a name or concern, contact the church office at 317-849-1930 or by Thursday.  Always, ask a person if they are comfortable being mentioned in worship, before sharing the name of someone.
  • A prayer chain offers to pray daily for those in need.  The names and concerns shared with the prayer chain are kept confidential.  To receive ministry through the prayer chain contact Hope Wilkinson at 317-849-5039 who passes them on to another link in the chain by phone or email.
  • Every Monday, at 2PM, a group meets to share prayer together.  You are welcome to join.
  • Periodically, we offer classes or experience in various forms of prayer.
  • Praying with scripture is an ancient practice that sheds light on the scripture and our days.  Click here  for daily passages of scripture.


Faith has regular gatherings that provide an opportunity to learn something new, create something new or just be renewed and relaxed.  You are welcome to join any group, when you are able.

  • Card Sharks meets at 1PM on the second Saturday of every month from October until April. They enjoy learning or playing different card games and enjoying snacks throughout the afternoon.
  • Tuesday Morning Craft Group meets each week at 9:30AM from January to November, and people are welcome to come and go as they need to. The group creates items sold at the church’s boutique, raising money for mission causes.
  • Crafty Foxes meets at 9AM on the first Saturday of every month. Participants bring their own craft or learn a new one. Crafty Foxes has made chemo caps, prayer shawls, lap blankets and recently created personalized blankets for each graduating high school senior in the congregation.
  •  The Men’s Breakfast meets at 8AM on the first Saturday of the month, from September until May. A different speaker from the congregation or community makes a brief presentation.
  • Let’s Go Seniors heads out every third Wednesday every month except July. The group usually meets at the church and travels together to a site of interest and lunch. Reservations are needed for each event. Sign up at the information board in the Narthex or contact the church office at 317-849-1930 or

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Essentials of Faith…

…is offered four times a year, so those new to Faith can meet us and learn more about the church.    We usually meet after the second service, for a casual lunch and conversation.

The gatherings typically include:

  • A chance to get acquainted and tell us about yourself
  • Staff and members sharing why Faith is important to our lives
  • An introduction to the ministries of caring available to members
  • Brief presentations on:

o   Current programming and vision
o   Opportunities to serve with and through Faith
o   Basics of Presbyterian theology and practice
o   How Faith Presbyterian Church is organized

  • A tour of our facility

Essentials of Faith is a necessary step in becoming a member of the congregation.  It is, also, a good place to get acquainted with the congregation.

We try to design each Essentials of Faith to meet the needs and availability of those attending.  You may be new to Jesus Christ or a lifelong Presbyterian!  We want to provide you with the information and insight that will help you decide if participating or belonging to Faith is the right fit for your spiritual journey.

If you are interested in attending Essentials of Faith, look for announcements or contact the church office at 317-849-1930 or

How do I become a member of Faith?

People become members of Faith for different reasons.  For some it is a quick and certain decision.  Others take a long time to discover what effect membership in Faith would have.  Some people just want to worship and participate, without making the commitment of membership.  Either way, we are glad to have you as part of our congregation.

Learn More about Becoming a Member

The first step to joining the congregation is to determine that being a member at Faith will contribute to your spiritual well being and that you are able to contribute to our common life.  

The second step is to attend Essentials of Faith.  You may know that you want to join when you attend Essentials or you may continue to attend and participate for many months. 

The third step, when you have discerned that you are ready to join Faith and have attended Essentials of Faith, then meet with the session for congregation and formal approval. 

You may join Faith (or other Presbyterian churches) one of four ways:

  •    Letter of Transfer from another Christian congregation.  This is for a person who comes to Faith as an active member of another church.  Faith’s clerk of session will communicate with the appropriate entity at your former congregation.
  • Reaffirmation of Faith.  This is for a person who has been a member of congregation, but who has let his or her involvement and membership lapse.
  • Public profession of faith.  This is for person who has received the Sacrament of Baptism, but has never before been a member of a Christian congregation.  
  • The Sacrament of Baptism, received upon Public Profession of Faith.  

All those joining Faith Presbyterian Church are presented by the session to the congregation during Sunday worship.  Before the congregation, you profess your faith in Jesus Christ and your intention to be a faithful member.  If the baptism is to be received it will happen at this time. The congregation welcomes the new members during worship and at a reception following. 

A separate process if used for young people who are joining the church for the first time.  The confirmation and commissioning process prepares those who are between 14 and 18 years old.

What does membership mean?

Faith Presbyterian Church invites into membership those who express faith in Jesus Christ and who believe that the ministries and people of Faith Presbyterian Church will help them to cultivate faithful relationships.  Members are expected to continue to grow in their faith by worshipping regularly with the congregation, contributing financially to the congregation and participating with your time and talents. 

Members are expected to participate in and vote at meetings of the congregation, which take place annually and when special business must be conducted.  This means that members participate in deciding which members are elected to serve on session, board of deacons and nominating committees of the congregation.  Members are, also, vote annually on the terms of calls (or compensation) of the pastors of the congregation and the purchase, sale or mortgaging of church property. 

Members may, also, be called to serve on session, the board of deacons and nominating committee of the congregation.