Worship at Faith

What is Worship like at Faith?

What do people wear?

What about my children?

What about Music at Faith?

What is Worship like at Faith?

Worship at Faith

Jesus regularly joined in worship and study with his community of faith and we continue that practice in his name.  When we gather together our experience of a powerful and merciful God is deepened.  We are reminded that together we are called to be the body of Christ.

Worship may be important, but that doesn’t mean it is formal or difficult!  Whether you grew up going to church or can’t name one hymn, you can worship!

At Faith, we offer two distinct worship services each Sunday.  The services share a worship space, the Bible readings for the day and God’s Word for us today.

The Dawn…

…begins at 9AM.  A contemporary band leads the congregation in singing celebration or praise songs.  The band, also, presents a song – sometimes Christian, sometimes secular – that helps us hear God’s Word to us.  The Dawn offers visual images to lead singing and to enhance the scripture message and uses less formal language.  The Dawn usually lasts less than an hour.

Our traditional service…

…begins at 11AM.  Our gorgeous pipe organ is used, hymns are sung and – except in the summer – the choir presents an anthem.  Many of our accomplished musicians present special music throughout the year.  This service is more liturgical, using familiar Christian rituals and responses.  The service usually lasts an hour.

We welcome babies and children…

…of all ages into worship at Faith!  We are glad to have their rustling movements, coos, cries and over loud whispers in worship.  Both the Dawn and traditional services have a Time with Children – when three to ten year olds come forward for a special word with the pastor – and Junior Worship, when 4yr olds to second grade can attend their own worship experience.  Click here to learn more about worshipping with children at Faith.

Worship is a joy and a challenge!  We lift our spirits to God in praise and prayers and we receive the Word of God, which comforts and confronts us.  Not every part of the service will be comfortable for us; it may be just what someone else needs!  Worship is a community, where we are cared for and show our care for others.

What do people wear?

People who worship at Faith...

…wear what is comfortable and feels appropriate to them.  You will see a few men in ties at the traditional services and more jeans at the Dawn.  You may see high heels or gauges at either service. Don’t ever let what you have or want to wear keep you from worshipping and knowing our loving God.

What about my Children?

Children are welcome...

…in worship with us.  During worship on Sunday mornings, children have the option of bringing a worship bag into the service with them.  The tie-dye bags include coloring books, crayons, a notebook, and a book to read.  Children’s bulletins are available to pick up from the ushers.

Children are invited to come forward for the Time with Children, a message specifically for them that is tied to the theme of the day.  Following the Time with Children, children age 4 through second grade may go to Junior Worship.  In Junior Worship they will hear a Bible story and do related activities.   Child care is available in the nursery for children 3 and under.

Our sanctuary is family-friendly.  We have several rocking chairs and tables at the back where families may sit so that children can color or read comfortably.  There are changing tables in several locations.

What about Communion at Faith?

The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper…

…Holy Communion, is celebrated monthly at both services, usually the second Sunday of the month.

At the Lord’s Table we share the loaf and cup offered by Jesus to his disciples.  We remember his sacrifice for us, are fed to be his body in the world, and look forward to the time when all people will be fed.  It is a time of celebration, reflection, joy and preparation.

The table of our Lord is open to all who believe in him.  Knowing that Jesus welcomed the children and the grace of God is offered before we can comprehend it, all children who have been baptized are invited to receive the elements.

The Lord’s Supper…

…can be offered in different ways. At the Dawn, the congregation usually comes forward, takes a piece of bread to be dipped in the cup. At the traditional service, the congregation is typically served in their seats, from trays of bread and small cups.

In Presbyterian tradition, we use grape juice, instead of wine. Recognizing special needs, we offer a gluten free option for the bread.

If you have questions about participating in communion or its meaning, please contact Pastor Charlotte Lohrenz @ 317-849-1930 or lohrenzch@faithpcindy.org.

What about Baptism?

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

…is a sign of God’s grace.  Through water and the Spirit, we are forgiven through Jesus Christ, become a member of the family of God, and receive gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Presbyterians practice both infant and adult – or believers – baptism.  We pour, sprinkle and immerse!  We believe that all who have been baptized in the name of the Triune God belong to Jesus Christ.  We do not re-baptize, however, we do – at appropriate times – reaffirm our baptismal covenant.  Baptism – except in extraordinary circumstances – is held before the congregation, which makes promises of support, care and prayer.  Session authorizes all baptisms before they even take place.

We baptize infants, because we know that God comes to us, before we are ready to respond to God.  A member of Faith may present an infant or child for the Sacrament of Baptism.  The adult believer reaffirms their baptismal covenant and promises, with the help of the congregation, to raise the child to know and worship Jesus Christ.

We baptize those who make a public profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, because we know that God’s calling demands our full response.  Children and adults, who are able to express their faith in Jesus Christ, are welcome to come to the waters of baptism.  With joy, the congregation welcomes a new believer into our shared ministry.

What about Weddings?


…as you plan your wedding and plan for your married life!  At Faith, we believe that the relationship of two people is strengthened and deepened when it is blessed by God and undertaken with spiritual and emotional maturity. 

If you share our understanding that marriage is a calling in which two people make a covenant to live together in mutual love, affection and respect, our pastors are available to help you prepare for a Christian service of marriage in our beautiful, contemporary sanctuary.

Click here to read our policies on Christian marriage.  Wedding Policies

Services of Wholeness

Once a month a brief service of wholeness is held after the traditional service.  Usually held on the third Sunday of the month, a service of wholeness is an opportunity to pray for one’s own healing, or for another, and to receive anointing and laying on of hands.  We pray to know God’s wholeness and peace in all circumstances of body and mind.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Whether you are planning ahead for your own service, the service of a family or friend, or unexpectedly must make arrangements, the community of Faith Presbyterian Church is able to support you in giving thanks and moving through loss. 

Each Faith funeral or memorial service is a Service of Witness to the Resurrection.  It expresses the great truths that in life and in death we belong to God, that God has sought us out in Jesus Christ and longs to bring about goodness for all people.  Each service also reflects unique aspects of the individual’s character and actions and should be filled with words, scriptures and music that are meaningful to those present.

If you are a member of Faith, it is part of our community’s relationship with you to offer pastoral care and services at the time of death for you or a loved one.  However, even if you are not a member of Faith, we may be able to assist you as the death of a loved one approaches and in preparing a Service of Witness to the Resurrection.

We encourage members and friends of Faith to be familiar with the funeral and memorial policies of Faith and to discuss your needs and wishes with those who will plan your services, including the pastoral staff of the church. 

Click here to read the funeral and memorial policy of Faith Presbyterian Church

If you are in need of care as death nears, or following a death, or would like to plan a funeral or memorial service please contact our pastoral staff by calling the church office at 317-849-1930.  

Music At Faith

The faithful have always sung and made music to worship God.  Music can express our praise, penitence, longing and gratitude when even words cannot.

Music is especially important to Faith Presbyterian Church!  We have many accomplished professional and volunteer musicians who enhance our worship experience, brighten our spirits and held all ages know God’s goodness.  We, also, hold events for the community that feature a wide range of musical styles.  Click here to learn more about our regular and special community events.

About our Organ

W. Zimmer & Sons
Installed 2001

In 2001, Faith was blessed to be able to install our pipe organ, designed by Wilhelm Zimmer from North Carolina. Wilhelm is the grandfather of Cornel, another prominent organ builder in the USA. For more about the builder’s history click this link: http://www.zimmerorgans.com/zimmerhistory.htm

Pipe organs have been a part of worship since around 800 AD. Previously, only the human voice was allowed in worship, particularly in synagogues. Through the coming centuries, the organ would fall in and out of favor, depending on trends of the time. Still, organs keep coming back because of the nature of the sound which is very similar to the nature of human sound. For more history of pipe organs and the church click this link: http://www.churchmusic.ca/ORG3.html.


Subbass    16 M
Bourdon    16 B
Octave    8 N
Gedackt    8 B
Choral Bass   4 N
Fagott    16 F
Bassoon    16 L
Clarion    4 F
Great to Pedal  8
Swell to Pedal  8


Rohrflute 8 G
Gamba 8 H
Celeste TC 8 F
Principal 4 J
Nazard 2 2/3 K
Hohlflute 2 G
Nasat 1 1/3 K
Octavin 1 J
Bassoon 16 L
Hautbois 8 L
Chalumeau 4 L


Bourdon    16 B
Principal    8 A
Gedackt    8 B
Octave    4 C
Koppel Flute   4 B
Super Octave   2 C
Sesquialter II TC   D
Mixture III-IV   E
Trompet    8 F
Swell to Great   16
Swell to Great   8

Basis Stops

A. Principal 8 61 pipes
B. Bourdon-Ged-Kop-Wald 16 85 pipes
C. Octave 4 (1-49) 73 pipes
D. Sesquialter II TC 89 pipes
E. Mixture III-IV 232 pipes
F. Fagott-Trompet 16 73 pipes
G. Rohr-Hohlflute 8 85 pipes
H. Gamba 8 73 pipes
I. Celeste TC 8 49 pipes
J. Principal 4 73 pipes
K. Nazard 2 2/3 73 pipes
L. Bassoon-Hautbois 16 85 pipes
M. Subbass 16 32 pipes
N. Octave 8 44 pipes

Total:  1127 Pipes


6 Combinations each to Great/Pedal and Swell/Pedal, Thumb Piston
8 Generals, Thumb & Toe
Set & Cancel, Thumb


32 Digital Channel Memories
Illuminated Music Desk
Pedalboard Illumination
Key-switch for blower
Organist’s bench
Open-type console
Swell Pedal
Crescendo Pedal with indicator

The Dawn Band

Music is an important feature of the Dawn worship service.  A committed group of volunteer and professional musicians use their gifts to accompany the congregation’s singing.  The band, also, presents a secular or Christian song that helps illuminate the message for the day.

The band is open to new members.   Commitment to rehearsals on Wednesday evening and Sunday morning, as well as to worship, is needed.  If you are interested, please speak with a member of the Dawn band.

The Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir is an essential part of our worship service at Faith Presbyterian Church.  We invite you to join our talented singers and musicians as we sing praises Sunday mornings in the traditional service at11:00 AM.  We will train anyone who will commit to this service for our great Lord and Savior.  All you need is a willingness to share your abilities.

The choir rehearses on Thursday nights from 7:00 PM to 8:20 PM.  You can choose to sing throughout the season and/or you can choose to sing in just the special programs.  

During the summer months the choir is in recess.  In its place there are opportunities for many of our members to share their special musical talents—vocal, instrumental, solos, duets, or ensembles. 

Musical Ensembles

Each ensemble is volunteer and open to anyone. Call the church office for more details.

– Our Handbell Choir consists of 3 octaves of bells and 2 octaves of choir chimes. The bells rehearse Tuesdays from   9:00 – 10:00 AM September through May and play about once a month at the traditional service. New volunteers are always appreciated!  The director is Ley Anne Perkins.

– The Brass Ensemble usually meets on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM and often play once a month at the traditional service. The director is Bob Meyer.