Being thankful is the foundation of our spiritual lives.  We have so much to say to God, but – like any relationship – we need to express our gratitude, first and always.

Being grateful keeps us aware of what we have received, helps us be content with what we have and deepens the relationship with the Giver of all gifts.  Plus, it just feels good.

November is a time for thanksgiving.  In one month, we can develop the habit of gratitude.  Here are possibilities to try for 30 days:

  • Write down three things – large or small – you are thankful for each day
  • Post one thing you are thankful for on your Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram
  • Use an app to record your gratitude with words and photos. Try gratitude365free
  • Try using the Gratitude Challenge calendar.  It has a prompt for each day of November.  You might join in sharing your gratitude on Faith’s Facebook page with words and/or photos.


By the way, research shows that practicing gratitude has enormous positive effects on mental and even physical health.  Noticing good is actually good for us!  Thanks be to God, for this and all good gifts.