Lifetree Café is a place where rich conversation is served up every week. At Lifetree Café you’re encouraged to share your own stories and listen to others. But if you don’t feel like talking, that’s okay, too. You’re welcome just as you are.

Lifetree Café tackles the topics that most people deal with—topics about the big (and little) stuff that shapes our lives. Family. Friends. Fears. Busyness. Balance. Money. Materialism. Health. Heaven. Peace. Purpose. The Lifetree Café experience is a scheduled hour of “stories and conversations to feed the soul”. The hour typically includes a short original film and guided conversation. A local host directs the hour. “It’s sort of like a live, local talk show—with an inspirational twist.


Lifetree serves as a comfortable place to meet other people who are interested in the same issues. The atmosphere resembles a warm, neighborhood coffee shop. The experience gives people practical help and insight on life issues, and provides a hopeful spiritual connection.


Lifetree Café will be offered at 7pm every Monday, starting on September 10. Admission to the 60-minute events is free. Snacks and beverages are available.


Questions about Lifetree Cafe may be directed to Cindy Connors at 317-849-1390 or