What is this that we are living in?
A great deal of uncertainty and chaos. It can feel like the wilderness.
Others have been here before us.
Jesus traveled through the wilderness.  He was baptized in a desert place.
He was prepared to proclaim good news among wild things.
What if living in this wilderness
was an opportunity to live in the great unknown of God’s presence.
When we are living for God’s kingdom,
uncertainty becomes a place of hope.
Chaos becomes a place of new life.
Then we are living with compassion and we are no longer alone in the wilderness. 

January 13 – March 3
Living in the Great Unknown: Discovering God in the Chaos.

God’s kingdom is like a pine nut that a farmer plants. 
It is quite small as seeds go, 
but in the course of years 
it grows into a huge pine tree, 
and eagles build nests in it. 
– Matthew 13:31-32