Why would you choose to get up early on a Saturday morning and make your way to a church for a meeting at 8AM? A better question is why do people choose to do this? The answer may lie in its simplicity. Being with those who care for you nourishes your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
Meeting on the first Saturdays of the month, people gather at together at the church for a hot breakfast and shared conversations. This group is open to all (not just men). This group invites speakers to share a story or information that is relevant to the community. For example, Mo McReynolds who is the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advocate for the neighborhoods around the church shared about the ongoing and upcoming plans for the area. Karl Duchmann, Development & Administrative Coordinator at the Hoosier Environmental Council, provided insights into environmental issues affecting the residents of Indiana. Others come who share their stories that fill our spirits with questions and hopes.
This is a time for people to connect together over coffee and food. Conversations flow around the table as people share their lives together over bread and cup. This is a time to be seen and heard. In the breaking of bread and the warming of our hands around a cup, we grow ever more connected to one another and to God. Around these tables, we are welcome and reminded that we matter.
This is the community of Faith in action. You are welcome. You are wanted. You are appreciated. Sometimes the only reminder we need is a hot cup of coffee and a welcoming handshake!