Our culture’s attention is focused on care and feeding of the body.  Yet, in religious settings often the only focus on the body is praying for those who are ill and some food at fellowship time. We speak in worship about spiritual health and leave the body talk for another place.

Our new worship series is a time to break the silence about our bodies and to encourage us to care for the creation of God that is our physical self.   We will look at the most basic needs that research have proven are essential building blocks of health: sleep, social connection, food and water and movement.

Psalm 139 says: We are fearfully and wonderfully made.  Our bodies are vessels of God’s Holy Spirit, which Jesus both inhabited and sought to care for. God’s creation, Jesus Christ’s incarnation, the resurrection of the body, and the gift of the sacraments through water, drink and food, bear witness to the consecration of our bodies.


The goal is not to be young and beautiful forever but to be good stewards – caretakers – of the gift we have received. We want to be a whole person, as healthy as possible – no matter the state of our health – and as capable of service to God and our brothers and sisters, no matter our age.