PJ’s Sunday Blessing

PJ’s Sunday Blessing

It is a beautiful, rainy morning in Fishers, Indiana as we once again get ready to worship and praise our loving God at Faith Presbyterian Church. It was amazing to watch the changes in nature on our way back from Florida. We went from full summer with green trees and flowers in Orlando to bright pink azaleas and red bud in Georgia to grass just turning green and barley budding trees in Kentucky to almost still winter in Indiana. God’s nature is just beautiful and God’s plan for our world is perfect. God gave us this wonderful world to care for, protect, and enjoy. God gave this wonderful world to all people, not just to a select few. We must find ways to share the wealth and the bounty with brothers and sisters living in poverty and under oppression. Pray for all. See you in church..PJ.

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  1. John Paulson, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.


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