Dear Faith Friends,

We have been on the Island of Crete for almost a week, already.  The ruggedness of the landscape has been a surprise to me.  We feel like we are in the Rocky Mountains, but with a lot more oxygen.  The mountains are high and craggy and cascade down to the most beautiful clear water – the Sea of Crete on one side, the Sea of Libya on the other.

The waters are placid now, but they say the winds and waves are terrible in winter.  That’s when the Apostle Paul advised remaining here because the seas would be rough.  The crew went anyway, taking Paul with them and all were almost lost.  Paul had confidence that God had a plan for him and for all onboard.

This time of rough and hard walking in the wild beauty is good for my faith.  I am reminded that God is in control of the universe – harsh and beautiful as it is.  I have my part. And so do you.  It will be exactly as God intends when we live in faith.

Blessing for the journey,
…[T]here stood by me an angel of God to whom I belong and whom I worship, and he said, “Do not be afraid, Paul, you must stand before the emporaror..So keep up your courage…for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told.” – Acts 27:23-25