I didn’t feel as if I had any great ideas for the Day 2 challenge – to be prepared to offer help. I wished I had a creative idea of things to gather up and keep on hand. However, I remembered that, similar to the story told that day, I have often thought someone could use some emergency flairs to be safe in a traffic incident. I decided to order some. I, also, thought I should get a stack of single dollar bills to keep on hand because…people need cash now and then. I decided I would get some from the bank.

I didn’t make the emergency kit order or go to the bank.

Then, yesterday, I was approached in Broad Ripple by a man who was looking for money for a meal. Usually I would shake my head, avert my eyes and move on. This time, without a moment’s hesitation, I said, “Hold on”, crawled in the back of my car for my purse, rooted around in my wallet and produced a five dollar bill.

It was what I was prepared to do.

When I looked up, the man was already walking away. I walked after him. When I handed him the bill, he tried to say something, choked up and ended up grasping my hand and shaking it warmly.

I’m going to order that emergency kit, right now.

Check out #40 acts.  Who knows how you are prepared to be generous? https://40acts.org.uk/