These Graduating Seniors all have a different Faith Story to tell.  Some of these young adults recently came to Faith and were welcomed.  Some of them grew up fully in Faith Presbyterian, starting with an announcement of birth congratulations and notification to the congregation.  Members of the congregation surrounded each family and the newborn child with love and prayers.  Faith members volunteered to teach them in Junior Worship (now Godly Play), telling them Bible stories, encouraging the kids to share ideas and use creativity in response to the lesson. As kids, they were mentored and loved by the table parents at Wednesday Logos.  Various members of the church took time to have serious conversations about school, interests, and faith with them as they continued to grow.  Some folks stepped forward to teach them in Sunday School, relating stories from the Bible, encouraging questions and discussion.  Members served as Confirmation mentors, helping to stretch their understanding, encouraging questions, and working side by side with these growing youth.  Adults stepped forward to serve as youth group sponsors, giving time, energy, and humor to wrap these students with love during fellowship times, service times, and trips out of the state for conferences and mission trips.  Members step forward to thank these students for what they shared during Youth Sunday whether the student presented from the lectern, served as an usher, provided “coffee fellowship,” or presented special music.  Members of the congregation have prayed for these youth and their families, provided assistance as needed, shared fellowship and love.  Today, as one additional act of love out of the many, each student is presented a personalized Senior Blanket.  This blanket represents all of the love poured over each of these wonderful Graduating Seniors by so many Faith hands and hearts.  May they each feel that love surrounding them.