Staff Position/Community and Communication Coordinator

Staff Position/Community and Communication Coordinator


Community and Communication Coordinator: This is a half-time salaried position.


  • The Community and Communication Coordinator serves Faith Presbyterian Church by participating in development of meaningful engagement with its community, by facilitating events and programs of the congregation and overseeing communication needs.
  • The Community and Communication Coordinator manages logistical planning and execution of events and programs of the congregation, with special commitment to community engagement efforts.
  • The Community and Communication Coordinator leads the development and management of consistent communication – visual, recorded, print, and social media – with special commitment to offering invitation to participation and conversation.


  1. Coordinate events and programs of the church,
    1. Participate in planning of events and programs, under the direction of Head of Staff and team leadership
    2. Manage logistical needs (reservations, payments, room setups, transportation, etc.) of events and programs. in coordination with teams, session and staff
    3. Provide logistical support to the Pastor for community engagement efforts
    4. Provide logistical support to the Pastor for youth ministry
    5. Work with teams to coordinate community engagement efforts
    6. Maintain needed data bases of community partners, activities, resources, needs, etc.
  2. Develop and manage media and communication
    1. Manage consistent and audience-focused communication within the congregation and outside the congregation, with special attention to community partners
    2. Create the logo and theme for media for use in worship series, in coordination with Worship Team and staff
    3. Regularly, create a full set of media for worship, in coordination with worship leadership
    4. Develop visual imagery and print material for publicizing worship series, community events and other activities
    5. Manage church’s use of social media, including website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogs
    6. Provide technical and design assistance for development of outward focused communication, including marketing, signage, blogs, and video installments
  1. Coordinate production of monthly newsletter and additional installments, as needed
  1. Attend staff meetings and retreats
  2. Attend ministry team meetings, as needed
  3. Operate audio and media during worship services, on a regular basis
  4. Attend worship services at least twice a month

Position Requirements:

Job experience with communications, including editing for social media content

  1. Familiarity with current social media applications
  2. Proficient in development of graphics/media and use of audio/visual technology
  3. Excellent organizational skills
  4. Ability to work collaboratively and independently
  5. Ability to support the mission and theology of Faith Presbyterian Church


The Community and Communication Coordinator reports to the Head of Staff and the Personnel Ministry Team.


Send relevant resume with sample of media work to

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