Unexpected Results

We were driving into our condo community Saturday morning and saw lots of trash that had blown on the grass near the entrance.  As we drove up the street towards our condo, my wife said “they should have someone clean that up.”  I responded, “well, that’s today’s 40 acts – to help pick up litter and clean up the area – maybe we should do it.”

Well, the day moved along and we got involved in all sorts of other things, including planning our vacation to Disneyworld later this month.

About 2 o’clock my wife said that she was going to get her car washed.  I stayed home and continued planning our trip.

She seemed to be gone for a long time, but I figured that everybody was having their car washed today, and she would be home soon.

After a bit (I don’t know how long a “bit” is) the garage door opened and she said “didn’t you wonder where I was?”  I told her that I wasn’t worried, because everybody was having their car washed today, and I knew it would take a long time.

She said, “I came home, put my boots on, and picked up the trash!  The bag is in front of the garage.  Would you take care of it?”  I thought, she sure took today’s 40 ACTS to heart….but, what did I do?

Can you imagine how I felt?

I’m still working at it as the journey through Lent continues.

#40 acts – give it a try!