Ten worshippers made up Faith Team World Vision 2019.  Team World Vision raises money for clean water, training runners and walkers to cover half and full marathon distances, while fundraising.  People all over the world have to walk an average of 3.7 miles just to get to water – water that isn’t even clean.  Team World Vision goes the distance so other people don’t have to.  Faith Team World vision is especially proud that World Vision funding develops community sustainable water management plans in countries from which we have members and where we already serve: the Congo, Malawi and Kenya.

Faith’s runners and walkers have showed enormous dedication and struggled through challenges of the long training regime.  Two sustained injuries but continue to cheer and fundraise.  On Saturday, November 9, four team members ran the 13.1 miles of CNO Indianapolis Monumental Half- Marathon.  Three ran 26.2 miles to complete the full marathon distance.

One of the team captains from another congregation wrote of Faith Team World Vision: I love how you truly do this as a team/family. It’s true. This is a team effort.

YOU can be part of the team. Those who support the cause, encourage the runners, cheer on the walkers and contribute are heroes to us and to those who desperately need clean water.

Every $50 contributed brings clean water for a lifetime to one person. Contribute so each person can:

  • Have clean water to drink
  • Go to school instead of walking to get water
  • Experience good health
  • Have hope and fullness of life

Faith has raised $9,742 toward a team goal of $10,000. That’s already water to 195 people!

Contributions are still being received. Perhaps from you! 

You can contribute to Faith Team World Vision at the team page. You can contribute to an individual team member by going to www.teamworldvision.org and putting a name in the search box in the upper right-hand corner. You can also contribute to an individual or the whole team by contributing cash or check to Faith Presbyterian Church, noting “TWV”.

If you want to go far, go together.

We trust World Vision to care for, multiple and use your contribution for the good of God’s children.