It is a beautiful morning in Fishers, Indiana on a Sunday when we will again worship our loving, living, forgiving God from our living room couch. The world continues to be confused about what we should and should not do as as we do our best to avoid COVID-19. Unfortunately, everyone has not been able to avoid it. We need to care about others in what we do, and, fortunately God has given us common sense and the ability to know right from wrong, so, using both of those gifts, we wear masks when we are around others, and do our best to stay at least 6 feet from others. We are protecting them even more than we are protecting ourselves. Christians care about others; Jesus cares about others; God cares about others; we are told to love our neighbors as ourselves and to even love and pray for those we might not like very much. Let’s pray this week for all those mourning the loss of family members and friends; for those facing job loss and uncertainty, and for all those we love and even those we don’t particularly like. See you at church…..PJ