A Service of Witness to the Resurrection will be held to give thanks to God for the life of Rosina Lohrenz on Saturday, May 23 at 2 PM. In order to gather safely in the COVID-19 pandemic, the service will be held via Zoom to Facebook Live. 

Family members, close friends, and worship leaders will gather on Zoom, while the service will be broadcast to Facebook Live for wider participation.  The church’s Facebook Page can be found at Faith Presbyterian Church Indianapolis.

You do not need a Facebook account to watch Facebook Live, although those with accounts will be able to comment and respond. 

A bulletin with liturgical material will be available the day before the service, for those who wish to join in spoken responses, singing, or simply to follow the order of the service.

If you have questions direct them to the church administrator, Cindy Conners, at [email protected] or 317-849-1930.  Tech support will be available during the service to those who are unfamiliar with platforms.

This is the first time Faith Presbyterian Church has offered virtual worship on the occasion of death, so we are still sorting through details and can expect the unexpected.  In life, Rosina was always up for trying something new – whether it was a new city, a new road, or new food.  Even in her later years, she took up new technologies.  We hope she would appreciate this new effort.  She would certainly expect us to accept its limitations, foibles, and wifi challenges with good humor and equanimity.

Rosina died on the evening of Friday, May 15, from the complicated effects of Covid19.  Rosina claimed the Presbyterian Church as her faith home, as an adult.  She was an ordained deacon and ruling elder in the Presbyterian Church (USA).  In her last years, she was pleased to belong to Faith Presbyterian Church, where she enjoyed the support of the congregation and the warm conversation.  You can read her full obituary here on the Shirley Brothers website.

Later, Rosina will be interred next to her husband, John, her parents, and other loved ones, near her childhood home in Perth, Kansas.

Memorial contributions in honor of Rosina Lohrenz may be made to Faith’s Smock Deacons’ Benevolence Fund here.