It is a beautiful morning in Fishers, Indiana as we prepare for another “virtual” Sunday service. Unfortunately, it is also a difficult morning for our country as we awaken to news of more shootings and COVID-19 cases; Racism seems to be on the rise; violence seems to be…….it is just hard to even describe what is going on in our country right now. We are so divided in our thinking; so divided about what is important; so divided on what matters; so divided on taking responsibility; so divided on accepting responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We need to pray and pray and pray….pray for an end to racism; pray for an end to using violence as a way to settle differences; pray for a way to understand each other and be able to compromise; pray for love to reign supreme as we accept each other for who we are and work together to find a way to move forward that will benefit all God’s children…and remember we are all God’s children. See you in/on church…PJ