(Note:  PJ is the Parish Associate at Faith.  This morning, July 12, he was asked to preach at the church he served from 2001 to 2014 that is closing.)

It is a beautiful morning in Fishers, Indiana as we prepare to worship this morning at First Presbyterian Church in Greenfield, Indiana for the last time. I say the last time because after one hundred sixty-five years, this wonderful church is closing its doors. This morning we will be surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses who have worshiped, been baptized, been confirmed, been married, and had their lives celebrated at First Pres. Today is a day to celebrate God’s love and grace; today is a day to celebrate the way God works in the world. Pray for those worshiping at First Pres this morning and pray for all God’s people wherever they may be worshiping! Then take an extra moment and pray for ALL God’s people, whatever they are doing this day, and pray that they all know that God is with them. See you in church….PJ