It is a beautiful morning in Fishers, Indiana as we enter Thanksgiving week here in the USA. We all take time to pray, but how often do we take time to say “thanks”? Thanks to the cashier in the window at Wendy’s who takes our credit card as we pay for our salads? Thanks to the person who delivers our groceries/packages/lunch/mail/etc…? Thanks to our spouse/partner/significant other/ friends? Thanks to our loving, forgiving, caring God who makes our lives possible? I know I don’t say thanks enough, how about you? This is the perfect week (as is every week) to get in the habit of thanking others for even the most routine service they provide. And, it is a special week to give God all the thanks that God is due! Have a great week, and thanks for thanking and praying along with me. See you in/on church….PJ