Draw four emojis to represent these four feelings:

• Happy • Sad • Angry • Afraid

Read the following scenarios and choose which emoji would fit the feelings of the person mentioned.

  • Taylor has a birthday party, and most of the class is able to attend.

  • Frankie almost scored a goal, but the goalie blocked it.

  • Jayden’s friend stole their favorite water bottle from their backpack.

  • There was an unexpected knock at the door.

  • Davion watched a show that had a creepy monster in it.

  • Consuelo’s cat is sick.

  • Ryan made a mistake on the test.

  • The parents did not know where the children were playing.

God blesses all of our feelings, even when we do not feel good. And when we name what we are feeling, we can relate better to everyone around us.

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