Write a Purely Me poem. You can use the template below! Or you can draw your poem. Or you can follow THIS LINK to a page that will help you write and draw your page.

Purely Me

I am Me.
Inside and out, up and down, and all around.

On the outside you see:
(brown eyes)
(black hair in braids)
(long feet)
(lots of purple)
(a soccer player)

On the inside you will find:
(fear of bugs)
(love for reading)
(sadness for my grandfather)
(excitement for my next sibling)

And something you might not know about me by looking is:
(I want to be an actor when I grow up.)

And that is ME! Purely Me!
And God loves every part.

Put your Purely Me! poem where you can see it.  Remember you are blessed.  You could also share it with your church.