This world is full of beginnings—a baby’s first cries, the light of sunrise, habits retrained, new abilities emerging, the process of aging, and hope breaking into our day-to-day. The past year has been a time of new beginnings – new ways of worship and gathering, startling realizations about our community and economies, innovative ways to care for one another.

However, before a new beginning, there is always waiting.
Thus, this Advent, we wait to celebrate again the birth of Jesus and we continue to wait for Christ to come again.

Through it all – the waiting and celebrating – we walk in the beautiful light.  For God is with us, among us, with unfailing light. Light shoving away the shadows of night. Light showing us the way of peace. Light illuminating the world for justice.

Join us this Advent – all the way to Epiphany – as we revel in the power of God who said, “Let there be light”
and marvel at the mercy of the One who is the Light of the world.
Let there be new beginnings.
Let us walk in the beautiful light.