Almighty God, we pray for the Rev. Cathy Chang, her husband Juan Lopez and their family. We give thanks for Cathy’s faithful response to her call as a mission co-worker, for her dedication to the gospel, for her passion for justice. We ask for courage for Cathy, her family, and her friends. We know red-tagging is a serious act with serious implications. Help them to feel your wings, like a mother hen, encase them.

God, we pray for the Filipino people. We give thanks for the warm, hospitable, resilient, and diverse people that make up this country, which has survived generations of colonialism from Spain to the United States to the Japanese.

We pray all these things knowing that you hear us, God, knowing that Christ himself lived under an oppressive government, knowing that you are with the Filipino people as you are with Cathy as you are with the UCCP as you are with other mission co-workers as you are with us.

Presbyterian mission co-worker Cathy Chang was red-tagged in the Philippines, meaning she was publicly marked as an enemy of the government. You can read more about red-tagging and Cathy’s situation here. The prayer is adapted from the Presbyterian Outlook.