What is your biggest fear about death?
What do you want your legacy to be?

We live knowing everything dies. Including us.  And those we love.

Yet this universal experience is a topic we don’t talk about much.  Until it is right upon us.  And maybe not even then.

But maybe talking about death is a way to talk about life.  When we address a “taboo” topic it might lose its frightening aspect and give us a chance to live more fully now – and at the time of death.

In It Happens to All of Us we will hear about the Death Café movement, which began in the UK and has spread to the US.  It is a place where tea and cake provide the refreshment for open conversations about death.

Mostly, though, we will have a chance to express our own thoughts about death and listen to others – with openness, kindness and compassion.  We might find we are more prepared for death and glad to be alive right now.

How would you finish the sentence “Before I Die I Want to … ?”

Register for Monday, April 3, on Zoom here.
Register for Tuesday, April 4, in-person here.

Wellspring Café is a place for warm and meaningful conversations on topics that matter to our lives.  Wellspring Café is a ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church, meeting the first Monday and Tuesday of each, with the same topic. One version is on Zoom and one version is in person.