In today’s world, the idea of slowing down to gather around a table, break bread, and talk with others might seem almost counter-cultural. Yet, this simple act is as ancient as the very foundation of Christian worship. We are part of a movement to reclaim the practice of gathering people at a table to eat and talk together, like Jesus and the first Christians did. In this informal setting, deep connections can be made – with God, with others, and with ourselves. This is the heart of The Welcome Table.

At The Welcome Table, all are welcome. Young or old, newcomer or regular, you have a seat at the table. We believe that children are especially open to experiencing the presence of God.

This isn’t a typical church service – there’s no sermon. But, it is worship. The service includes lectio divina, an age-old practice of scripture reading, meditation, and prayer that helps us connect with God. There is also singing, interactive activities, and, once a month, the Lord’s Supper. Our table is the Lord’s Table. Once a month during worship, as we bless and share the bread and juice, we find communion with Jesus Christ. You’re welcome to partake in this sacred act or simply pass the bread and juice to your neighbor. After the service, those who wish to stay are welcome to enjoy refreshments.

The Welcome Table is held the First and Third Sundays at 4 PM. Come in around 3:45 PM if you’d like to mingle and get to know fellow worshippers. For those who’d like to simply find a quiet corner, arriving closer to 4 PM works just fine. We wrap up the worship around 5 PM, and by 5:30 PM, the refreshments wind down.

So, come. Pull up a chair. There’s a place for you at The Welcome Table.

The Welcome Table is held the First and Third Sundays at 4 PM. Register on Eventbrite. Learn more here.