The custom of making New Year’s resolutions has been around for thousands of years; the Romans also had a similar practice; early Christians also resolved to do and be better in the future.

Ask yourself, “How can I be a better Anti-Racist in 2024?” 

Consider one or more of the following resolutions:

  • Strike up a conversation with someone who is different than you (in the bread aisle at Kroger, waiting for your order at Culvers, in line at Kohl’s).
  • Read a book by someone of color.
  • Listen to music by someone of a different race than you.
  • Look for art to enjoy by someone of color; consider purchasing it!
  • Visit a mixed background neighborhood.
  • Read an article about Anti-racist issues.
  • Consider a Love One Another field trip (there will be a couple in 2024).
  • Open your eyes in our own community, if you see racism, speak up!

Interested in learning more about the Love One Another initiative? Visit the archives.