In Lent, we’re reminded Again & Again that suffering and brokenness find us. Again & Again, the story of Jesus on the cross repeats. Every time lives are taken unjustly and the powerful choose corruption and violence. With exacerbation, we exclaim, “How long, O God?” Again and again, God breaks the cycle and offers us a new way forward. A Lenten Refrain reminds us that Lent is a season of abstaining from certain or harmful practices to take on new rhythms and habits. In this season, we need rituals—both old and new—to remember and be transformed.

In God, Improv, and the Art of Living, Presbyterian pastor MaryAnn McKibben Dana explores the art and practice of improvisation to understand God’s ways in the world and live more faithfully. “God experiments, changes God’s mind, and works in partnership with God’s people to bring about the Yes that’s at the heart of improv—and also the gospel.” Jesus is a great practitioner of improvisation. He is always changing the conversation, confounding religious authorities, doing the unexpected and heading a different way.

Consider how God through Jesus continues to say “Yes, and…” Notice that God Again & Again finds a way to be present.  When we follow faithfully, we find Again & Again we have to see what is and then say “yes, and…” Then, with grace, we are headed where we need to go.