You’re invited to worship at Faith during Holy Week. Find the schedule below.

ON MAUNDY THURSDAY, MARCH 28, we remember the Institution of the Lord’s Supper, our Baptism, and the New Commandment. Gather for a simple meal of soup and bread, at 6:15 PM, shared around tables in the sanctuary. Bring soup and/or bread if you are able. Come and eat, even if you are not. At 7 PM, we move into the liturgy of worship. Those worshipping virtually, will want to have a basin of water, and a towel and bread and cup to bring to the table of Jesus.

ON GOOD FRIDAY, MARCH 29, we remember the passion of Christ in a recorded service available at 5 PM on our website HERE. For Good Friday, worshippers should pick up an envelope with six slips of paper, a stone, and a candle, all available in the narthex during Holy Week. For virtual worshippers, gather your own items as you are able.

ON EASTER SUNDAY, MARCH 31, at 10:30 AM, celebrate the Resurrection, with joyous songs, special music, the Easter story, and the dedication of Gifts for Lent and One Great Hour of Sharing. Bring your slips of paper and a flower you have grown or purchased. You may worship in-person or virtually.