The Bible’s idea of holiness is big and rich. It describes how God is the creative force behind the whole universe. God is the one and only being with the power to create a world full of beauty and life and to create and restore relationships filled with mercy and kindness.

Through the summer months, we follow the epic tale of the development of God’s kingdom. Scripture offers us a host of characters who show us a nation in chaos, relationships stressed and strained beyond breaking. Even the best people act in terrible ways. God is the one and only being who can enter in to make sense of what is happening and bring people to their senses.

The times are different, but the nations of the world are still filled with mess and mayhem. But God’s holy mischief continues to intervene, offering healing, correction, and blessing. Jesus Christ – the embodiment of God’s own holiness – touches his followers so through us God’s holy presence goes out into the world.

Come along the journey as we uncover the profound impact of God’s holiness and let Jesus redirect, redefine, and reconcile relationships.