Dinner Church

What’s Dinner Church?

It’s a very old way of worshipping that is making a comeback. We are part of a movement to reclaim the simple practice of gathering people at a table to eat and talk together. Jesus did it and so did the first Christians. Everyone was welcome then and now.

FAQ’s on Dinner Church 2019

Do I just show up?

Yes! No need to tell us you are coming. We will be glad to see you. We set places as people arrive, so you can easily find a place.

Do I need to bring anything?

There’s no need to bring anything. Once you are here and decide you will come again, you can let us know how you would like to help.

What time should I arrive? How long is worship?

We start shifting into worship at 5 PM. You are welcome to arrive around 4:45 PM if you like to get acquainted with us. Arrive closer to the hour, if you would prefer to just slip into a seat. Our worship ends somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00 PM.

What’s for dinner?

We serve simple food prepared by members of the community. There is a warm dish of some kind, salad, and bread for the table. We serve water and decaf coffee. You can bring your own food or beverage, however, alcohol is not permitted.

So that’s Dinner. What’s the Church part?

Dinner Church is Church is two ways. The Church is present because we gather in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. We are a community of love, where dividing walls are broken down. Dinner Church is also church because are a worshiping community. We listen to the Word of God from scripture and we listen to the Word of God speaking to us. We pray for the world and one another. And we sing together!

Does Dinner Church celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

Yes. Dinner Church is the Lord’s Table. During our worship, we give thanks, bless, break and pour out the bread and juice that – when shared – are a sign and seal of communion with Jesus Christ. You are invited to eat and drink this meal with us. Or you can simply pass the bread and cup to the person next to you.

Are children welcome at Dinner Church?

Yes! Children of all ages are very welcome. Think of this like a family reunion; everyone is super glad to see every generation. There is no “children’s table” where kids are separated out. We do have a few highchairs, rocking chairs, quilts on the floor for crawlers, and space to spin or pace. We are probably more comfortable with your children’s squirming and noises than you are, but if you feel the need to step out, there is an open space where you can stay connected to worship. If you need to get home before worship is entirely over, your time at the table is still a gift us and – we hope – to your family.

What if I have dietary restrictions?

We try to ensure that there is a vegetarian option for dinner. Gluten free food is marked, though not prepared in a restricted environment. Some people with special needs bring their own meal. The bread served for the Lord’s Supper is gluten-free. We serve grape juice, rather than wine.

Is Dinner Church handicapped accessible?

The church has handicapped parking, curb cuts and is all on one floor. Restrooms are close to the worship space and have handicapped stalls. The service does not require reading other than a couple of songs whose words are displayed on a large screen. Worship takes place with conversation around multiple tables, which can be challenging with some hearing aids.

Dinner Church is at 8170 Hague Road, Indianapolis Sundays @ 5 PM

Got questions? 317-849-1930 or [email protected]

Otherwise, just show up and take your place at a table.