Faith has regular gatherings that provide an opportunity to learn something new, create something new or just be renewed and relaxed.  You are welcome to join any group, when you are able.

  • Lifetree Café gathers Mondays @ 7 PM and Wednesdays @ 2 PM.  Lifetree Café was created to help people of all walks of faith or no, those churched and unchurched, explore meaningful subject and grow closer to each other. Each program is intentionally built with time-tested elements that will lead to deep conversations.  You can learn more about Lifetree Café here link to Lifetree Café on the About Us page and find out about the newest episodes at our Facebook page:  Faith Presbyterian Church Indianapolis.
  • Card Sharks meets at 1PM on the second Saturday of every month from October until April. They enjoy learning or playing different card games and enjoying snacks throughout the afternoon.
  • Tuesday Morning Craft Group meets each week at 9:30AM from January to November, and people are welcome to come and go as they need to. The group creates items sold at the church’s boutique, raising money for mission causes.
  • Crafty Foxes meets at 9AM on the first Saturday of every month. Participants bring their own craft or learn a new one. Crafty Foxes has made chemo caps, prayer shawls, lap blankets and recently created personalized blankets for each graduating high school senior in the congregation.
  •  The Saturday Morning Breakfast Club meets at 8AM on the first Saturday of the month, from September until May. A different speaker from the congregation or community makes a brief presentation.