Jesus calls us to find people in the broken places of life, and to offer love, support and help.  Care is offered to help people experience God’s presence, to show concern and care for one another and to deliver needed assistance.

Faith Presbyterian Church is a community that cares for one another and wants to offer itself to the community as a place where people are helped, healed and restored by God.   Through the work of committed Christians, we offer the wholeness of God through prayer, acceptance, spiritual nurture, encouragement, listening, being present, as well as responding to practical needs.

We deliver this care through a web of ministries, under the guidance of session.  

Charlotte Lohrenz

Charlotte Lohrenz


Our pastor, Charlotte Lohrenz, offers care to people in special need, during crises in their lives, and at transitions in life and relationships – whether the situation is sad or joyful, large or small.

Pastor Charlotte attends especially to the spiritual life of the member or friend, encouraging each person to know a relationship with our living God and to receive the wholeness and peace of the Holy Spirit.

Our pastor visits and prays with those in need, in hospital or care facilities, in their homes, at the church or at coffee shops!

Pastor Charlotte provides spiritual care and guidance to those who are to those who are dying, grieving, celebrating birth, establishing marriages or experiencing broken relationships.  She is also present when the past, present or future is filled with pain or questions…or energy, to help you hear more clearly what you are experiencing and honoring your sacred story.  She is convinced that God always longs for goodness to come into our lives and through us into the world.

The pastor should be contacted to begin the process toward receiving the Sacrament of Baptism, to discuss services of Christian marriage and to plan funeral or memorial services.

Pastor Charlotte Lohrenz can be reached through the office at 317-849-1930 or at


Deacons “minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may be in distress.” (Book of Order, G-6.0401a)

Deacons are an essential to our network of caring, keeping the pastor and the congregation informed of joys and concerns.

The board also delivers flowers from worship, arranges transportation to services with the church’s van and coordinates members to provide meals to those who are incapacitated or grieving.  Deacons may be reached individually or through the church office.

Congregational Care Nurse

Faith Presbyterian has an experienced Congregational Care Nurse, Jenny Rosebrock, who is available to support people during times of crisis and chronic illness, and assists with visitation as needed.   Congregational Care Nursing, or Parish Nursing, also focuses on a holistic approach to mind, body and spirit, with promotion of wellness programs, health education and connection with resources within and outside the congregation.  Contact Jenny Rosebrock through the church office.

Stephen Ministry

Stephen Ministers walk with people during times of trouble.  Each Stephen Minister has received extensive training to be a caring friend and provide a listening ear to those going through difficult experiences.  Stephen Ministers establish a one-on-one covenant relationship for a specific period of time with a member or friend of the church.  Confidentiality, supervision and continuing education strengthen the excellent care Stephen Ministers are able to offer.  If you or someone you know may benefit from Stephen Ministry, contact Pastor Charlotte Lohrenz, or Stephen Minister Leader Jenny Rosebroc​k​ through the church office.