Faith is a praying congregation!  We believe that God listen to our prayers.  We believe that those who pray and those who are lifted in prayer benefit from this relationship with God, through Jesus Christ. 

Whether you are a prayer warrior, a prayer neophyte, too worn out to pray, or have come to the place where you don’t know what else to do, Faith can pray with you and for you and for those for whom you are concerned. 

If you would like Faith members and staff to be in prayer for a particular concern, please contact a member of the staff or the church office

You can, also, submit a request for prayer using the online form at the bottom of this page.

Prayer concerns will be kept confidential if requested.  If you are asking prayers for someone else, the name of that person will not be released beyond staff and our confidential prayer circle unless you have permission from the one for whom we are praying.

The time when we know that a loved one is dying and immediately after their death can be tumultuous and challenging.  In the midst of our grief, there are often many decisions that need to be made.  We have our own reactions, wonder about the wishes of the one who has died or is near death, and – often – have to balance the expectations of other family and friends.  

It may be helpful to speak first with a pastor of the church, who is familiar with grieving.  A pastor can offer encouragement, support and offer a Christian perspective on life and death.  As time progresses, a Stephen Minister can be a listening presence for you, or another mourner, as life and healing move on. 

If you would like to speak with someone about care as a loved one is dying or as you mourn, please contact Pastor Charlotte Lohrenz or the Stephen Ministry through the church office

Preparing for a service to celebrate and mourn a person who has died can be challenging.  The pastors and staff of Faith are experienced in designing services that meet the needs of those who are grieving and would be privileged to help you navigate this important time.

Submit a Prayer Request

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