Faith Milestones Ministry is a chance for a children and youth to grow, with the support of their household and family, celebrated by the congregation and through active participation. 

Faith Milestone Ministry equips, blesses, gifts and reinforces spiritual growth. At each Faith Milestone, we provide a young person (and their family) with resources, bless the child or youth at his or her stage of development, offer a tangible reminder of milestone and follow-up with reinforcement for continued development.

Faith Milestones are…

0-1 years old – Baptism (or Blessing) Milestone: Beginning Faith Life in Community

1-2 years old – Household Prayers Milestone: Speaking with God Everyday

2-3 years old – First Bible Milestone: Reading God’s Stories with God’s Children 

3-4 years old – Godly Play Milestone: Discovering Worship  

4-5 years old – Lord’s Prayer Milestone: Praying as Jesus Taught Us

5-6 years old – Communion Milestone: Understanding More about the Lord’s Supper

6-7 years old – Advent and Christmas Milestone: Exploring the Beginning of the Church’s Year and the Christian Story

7-8 years old – Lent through Easter Milestone: Exploring the Gift of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

8–9 years old – Reader’s Bible Milestone: Placing a Bible into Hands 

9-10 years old – My Body is God’s Gift Milestone: Taking Care of God’s Creation

10-11 years old – Act of Caring Milestone: Showing Compassion Beyond the Family

11-12 years old – Jesus and Money Milestone: Taking Care of God’s Gifts 

12-13 years old – Spiritual Gifts Milestone: Exploring our God-Given Identity 

13-14 years old – Service Milestone: Offering Time and Effort to the Community

14-15 years old – Travel in Faith Milestone: Participating in Gatherings of the Larger Church

15-16 years old – Confirmation and Commissioning Milestone:  Knowing the Faith of the Church and Claiming Your Own

16-17 years old – Your Journey Milestone: Developing Your Faith Journey 

17-18 years old Senior Blanket Milestone: Receiving Blessing for the Time Ahead

Faith Milestones Ministry is designed to support the faith development of children in our congregation and beyond.  You can access resources for your child’s faith development and your own at Passing Along the Faith in the 21st Century.