In all the stages…

…of our life, we belong to God!  But, different times in our life have different needs, joys and challenges.  At Faith, we want to provide the resources and community that is appropriate for each stage of life and meet us where we are in our faith.

Some of our offerings are specific to a certain age or life situation.  Others are a chance to learn with a broad range people.  Click through to see what might fit your needs.

Infants and Toddlers…

…feel are welcome in worship and safe and loved in the nursery.

Our nursery is child-safe environment, where two professional childcare providers are ready to engage with infants and small children.

We baptize infants, because we know that God comes to us, before we are ready to respond to God.  A member of Faith may present an infant or child for the Sacrament of Baptism.  The adult believer reaffirms their baptismal covenant and promises, with the help of the congregation, to raise the child to know and worship Jesus Christ.

Whenever children aged 2- 10 are present, the pastor offers a special Time for Children.  It’s time to hear the basics of the faith in language that all can understand, make the act of worship accessible, and let children know how important they are to us.

Preschool children…

… are embraced by God’s love and discover Jesus through story and interactive activities.

Godly Play is offered during one Sunday morning worship service.  Godly Play welcome the spiritual life of children, providing an experience of worship and Bible story that is appropriate for children three and older.  A trained and gifted team of Godly Play storytellers and shepherds offers a Bible story and helps the children to interact with what they have heard.  Children naturally age-out on their own and into “regular” worship, usually around the age of seven.

Elementary children…

…learn to trust God and follow The Lord while exploring the foundations of faith.

Elementary aged children are invited to First Sunday School.  On the first Sunday of each month at 10 AM, the children gather with adult leaders for a lesson designed to help them hear Bible stories not covered by Godly Play.  In addition, they are introduced to the basics of the Christian faith, so they will be equipped to enter into a confirmation and commissioning process as a young person.


explore their own faith, in a safe and open environment, and are empowered to choose the way they will go, as followers of Jesus Christ.

Youth are invited to take part in the Confirmation & Commissioning Experience.  Faith is able to work individually with youth, to grapple with their pressing questions.  Youth learn spiritual disciplines appropriate to their age group and those they can continue to use throughout their lives.  Youth learn how to read and interpret scripture in the reformed tradition. In addition, they are helped to understand these five tenants of reformed faith that are central to our congregation’s identity:

  • The Lordship of Jesus Christ
  • Salvation through grace alone
  • The stewardship of all gifts
  • Life in covenant community
  • Our participation in bringing the realm of God to earth

Youth will be taught spiritual disciplines appropriate to their age group and those they can continue to use throughout their lives.  Youth will be taught how to read and interpret scripture in the reformed tradition.

Adults are…

…lifelong learners, continuing to grow in Christian maturity and trusting in God’s presence and promises through life’s transitions.

  • Searchers & Seekers Sunday School class uses varied studies throughout the year ranging from historical views of the Bible to background of Biblical figures to examining and comparing the viewpoints of both creationists and evolutionists.
  • Bible Discovery class has most recently been studying commentaries and reading the scriptures that are being interpreted.  The class generally chooses a commentary and reads through it from beginning to end over the course of a number of months.
  • Small groups meet in homes of members on various days of the week and participate in a study chosen by the members of that particular group.  Those interested in joining a small group should contact the church and will be connected with those who are currently open to additional members.

Ageless people are…

…entering the third (or fourth) stage of life that is filled with possibility and the wisdoms and wounds they have encountered, ready to connect with the grace and peace of God in new ways.

  • 3b is a holistic exercise program that focuses on the body, the brain, and one’s beliefs Designed especially for older adults, the focus is on moving muscles, using the brain, and nurturing one’s faith. A side benefit has been the discovery that being with others improves one’s general attitude toward life and overall disposition. 3b is offered most Thursdays at 1 PM and lasts 50 minutes.  For more information contact 3b leader Cindy Conners at
  • Soul of Aging gives those entering a new stage the opportunity to deepen their spiritual lives, now, and for the future.  The third (or fourth) stage of life can be frightening to enter but is filled with possibility.  When we listen deeply to the wisdom we have gained and hear the voices of others, we are prepared for the journey ahead.  Soul of Aging, a curriculum of Parker Palmer’s Center for Courage & Renewal, is offered periodically.  Let us know if you are interested.
  • A group of women come together monthly for Women’s Circle.  Their time together includes dessert and a study, often the annual study put out by the Presbyterian Women.